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Animal Boarding for Bohemia, Holbrook, & Suffolk County, NY

Dog Training Suffolk County, NY

Are you searching for animal boarding and dog training services? For the most professional dog breeders in the Bohemia, NY; Holbrook, NY; and Suffolk County, NY area, choose the experts at The K-9 Center. Give us a call today to for more information!

Every pet owner knows the importance of good care for their beloved pet. Whether you're looking for dog training or animal boarding in the Suffolk County, NY area, the K-9 Center has you covered! As animal lovers, we put your pet's growth, happiness and care first. If you're looking for a new canine companion lover, we are connected with some of the area's top dog breeders. Call or visit today for all your dog-related needs!

You can rest assured that with dog obedience training classes at The K-9 Center, your pet will receive the best of care.  The K-9 center is noted for its breeding, boarding and grooming services. For the most trusted dog breeders in the Suffolk County, NY area, call The K-9 Center.

Helping people develop better relationships with their pets, The K-9 Center has remained the Bohemia, NY and Holbrook, NY area's premier dog-training center and retail store for more than 30 years.

In order to help people build relationships of mutual love and respect with their canine companions, we offer a variety of classes in dog obedience training and puppy training, at beginning, intermediate and advanced skill-levels.  The K-9 Center also provides NY dog breeding, animal boarding services, professional grooming and a variety of retail pet products and supplies.  The K-9 center employs a staff of experienced dog trainers and pet care professionals who are committed to the happiness and safety of your animal.

Animal Boarding Holbrook, NY Owning a pet is full-time commitment that requires a lot of time, patience and understanding.

Obedience training is an education for the owner and the dog that is helpful for the safety of your dog, as well as others.  Whether you want to improve your bond with your furry friend or address specific behavior issues that are causing you grief, our puppy training and dog obedience training classes can help.  If your dog is showing signs of misbehaving, our classes can assist with unwanted behaviors such as jumping, leash pulling, nipping/biting, barking, aggression, disobedience and chewing.  Obedience training will help with separation-anxiety and housebreaking issues.

When it comes to the safety of your companion, The K-9 Center strives to assure that he/she are in the best hands. From caring and compassionate animal boarding to the best dog training, we provide the best to the Suffolk County, Bohemia, and Holbrook, NY area. 

Dog Breeders Bohemia, NY Our Dog Breeder Services

If you are looking for professional dog breeders in Bohemia, NY or the surrounding areas, we have you covered. We take pride in breeding healthy, happy German Shepherd and Belgian Shepherd (Malinois) puppies. As responsible dog breeders, we put the health of our animals first and do our best to make sure that any puppies we breed are set for a long, happy life. Plus, we can also help you train and board your new puppy!

The K-9 Center offers the following services:

  • Private and group dog obedience training classes
  • Puppy training classes
  • Breeding services
  • Dog/cat boarding services
  • Bathing services
  • Pet retail products


Dog Training Holbrook, NY As the master trainer at The K-9 Center, John Browne has been training dogs in the United States and abroad for more than 30 years.  An expert in the field, he attended the International School of Animal Arts at New York University and traveled and trained extensively in Belgium, apprenticing under one of the country’s top trainers.  In addition to breeding dogs and designing and manufacturing his own line of custom-made dog-training equipment, John’s philosophy is that every dog can benefit from obedience training, not just animals with serious behavior problems.  And, a well-behaved dog can lead to a happier relationship between your pet and every member of the family.

Animal Boarding Bohemia, NY Our Philosophy As Dog Training Experts

When hiring the right dog trainer, it’s important to watch him work with a dog.  It’s also a good idea to ask for a free evaluation.  At The K-9 Center, our philosophy is that we allow your whole family to watch, and when appropriate, participate in the training of your family pet — so that your animal will obey every member of the family.  We work with the dog owner, so that we train your dog and you together.  Our goal is for you to have a dog that will walk well on or off a leash and come when you call him.


Since the K-9 Center first opened its doors, pet owners have said they are happy to have control of their dog after being trained at the K-9 Center.  One pet owner wrote a comment on Facebook, “John Browne is not only an excellent trainer, but a great breeder.  I cannot recommend him enough.” Another person posted, “Mr. John Browne trained our stubborn and willful German Shepherd puppy to be an amazing member of our family.  We are still grateful.”  And, “No one reads and understands the K-9 mind better than John Browne.  If you have one chance to bring your dog for boarding or training (no matter what the issue is), bring him or her to The K-9 Center.”

Animal Boarding Services

Dog Breeders Suffolk County, NY Are you planning on taking a vacation and need expert boarding services for your dog or cat? As a trusted resource in the local community, The K-9 Center offers premier animal boarding and kennel services in a comfortable environment.  Dedicated to providing a safe, humane and enjoyable boarding experience, The K-9 Center assures that your pet is happy and safe while you are away during the day or on vacation.  In addition, we carry dog and cat grooming supplies, professional bathing services and doggy day care.

Named as a Top Merchant form Merchant Circle in 2011 and Best of Ronkonkoma 2014. The K-9 Center staff has been serving our community with the best dog care available for more than 30 years.

Animal Boarding Holbrook, NY

As one of the Suffolk County, NY area's premier dog-training center and retail stores in Hauppauge, we offer beginning, intermediate and advanced obedience training classes, as well as breeding, boarding and grooming supplies.  Whether you want to improve your bond with your furry friend or address specific behavior issues, our puppy training and dog obedience training classes can help you succeed with your dog training goals.  And, with our lifetime training guarantee, you can continue training for as long as you own your dog.

Your evaluation is free, then we will give you a price for our Lifetime Training Program or an hourly rate for training.


Contact Us to Learn More About Dog Training Services 

Call us today and learn about our upcoming dog training, obedience training and puppy training classes.  If you are looking for dog breeders in Hauppauge, NY, Holbrook, NY, or Bohemia, NY, visit K-9 Center today.

Whether you're interested in animal boarding or dog training, contact The K-9 Center today! We have a variety of upcoming dog training, obedience training and puppy training classes. Looking to add a new member to your family? Our dog breeders provide Holbrook, NY; Bohemia, NY & Suffolk County, NY with top-notch puppies. For all of your dog training and animal boarding needs, be sure to call The K-9 Center today!

Products & Services

  • Dog training
  • Basic obedience
  • Board and train
  • Private and group lessons
  • Flexible training programs
  • Dog boarding



We breed German Shepherds, from German and Czech lines and  Belgian Shepherds (Malinois), from champion Belgian stock.

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